Needle valves series SPV

Micrometric regulation needle valves of series SPV are manufactured to guarantee an accurate regulation of the flow in the pipeline. By manually rotating the tap is possible to regulate the orifice opening area which is accurately adjusted by a conical shutter.

Needle valve SPV is suitable to control every kind of not corrosive gas and liquid fluids and is in conformity for application with gas belonging to the first, second and third family.

Gas pressure test point series PP

Gas pressure test points of series PP are made in brass and have a threaded screw (niddle) which allows to access to the pressure inside the pipe or valve.

PP is normally used to test pressure inside a pipe or a valve.

UV cell series UV-1

UV cell of series UV-1 are normally applied to detect a flame by gas or mixed fuel burners.

Flame detection in burners occurs by means of sensors detecting the presence of flame through an electrical signal, which can be used by ignition and control devices.

UV-1 cell exploit the radiation emitted by the light generated by the flame.

Nozzles for oil burners

The worldwide reputation for quality and reliability of Steinen’s nozzles is the direct result of its total dedication to the production of the best nozzles on the market for diesel burners. All major burner manufacturers turn to Steinen for the best burner performance. Steinen is one of the few manufacturers that has integrated the entire production process in a single factory and has absolute control over every aspect of the process, ensuring the highest quality and reliability.



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