Compensators and metal flexible joints

Metal flexible joints suitable for the installation of gas burners, using air under pressure, enable vibration isolation and compensate for the misalignment of ducting. The soul of the joint is the metallic bellows, achieved without helical winding, but with undulations on parallel stainless steel tube. Flexible hoses are designed to absorb axial [h], angular [∂] and lateral [e] movements as well as vibrations.

In order to avoid damages to bellow, prevent torsional loads on hoses.
GMM joints are fitted with threaded male-male connections; GFL and St.FB joints with flanged connections. Bellows is in stainless steel AISI 321. Flanges in carbon steel are loose, enabling alignment of the holes of flanges and counter-flanges, avoiding detrimental tensions and facilitating their assembly.

The flexible metal pipes belonging to the AF and GIF series are produced in compliance with the DIN 3384 standards. They are particularly used in industrial combustion systems for the supply of methane gas burners or other combustible gases of the first, second and third family and air.

Flexibility and resistance are guaranteed and optimized by specially designed tube ripple.

Their remarkably robust, all-metal construction makes them particularly suitable for use in harsh industrial environments for both extreme temperatures and operating pressures.



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Componenti per sistemi di combustione a gas


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