Gas measurement: pressure gauges and quantometers

Dial pressure gauge

The dial pressure gauges are specially conceived for the measurement of low pressures ranging in mbar, according to EN 837-3 or high pressure in bar.

They are suitable to be used on natural gas combustion systems and to measure pressure of non-corrosive fluids at the gaseous state.

They are available with 1/4” – 3/8” – 1/2” radial male connection and with 63 – 80 and 100 mm dial diameter size.

The standard version is equipped with dual scale in mbar and in H2O mm.

Two-way manual pressure cock with bleed-off

The manual pressure gauge valve enables, by pushing the button, to check the existing pressure when testing the system.

By releasing the button, the valve automatically closes; the manual pressure gauge returns to 0 setting and to rest position, remaining protected from water hammers, accidental overpressure, etc.

These pressure cocks have the CE certificate according to norms EN331.

Turbine gas flow quantometer series CPT

CPT quantometers, designed in order to provide a reliable and inexpensive measuring device [non fiscal], with features alike those of fiscal turbine meter, are maintenance free and can be logged onto external instrumentation.
Quantometers fulfil various requirements of industrial metering to control the flow of gas precisely and therefore optimise the use of energy.

Turbine gas meters work on the principle of the ratio among gas moving through the meter and wheel speed. A mechanical/magnetic coupling activates the measuring unit on the top of the quantometer reporting the gas volume at operating.

CPT quantometers are CE and PED certified 2014/68 / EU



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