Pressure switches, ignition trasformers and rods

Pressure switches FCG

FCG half size gas and air pressure switches monitor pressure and interrupt electrical control circuit by over and under pressure than desired set points.

Pressure settings are easy to read and to adjust.

The switches are sturdy and produced with a durable plastic electrical enclosure and a die-cast aluminium basis. FCG are CE approved, according to norms EN1854.

Pressure switch series PE – PED

Pressure switches and differential pressure switch of series PE are suitable for application on domestic and industrial combustion plants for detection of pressure of gas belonging to the first, second and third family and air.

They are normally applied on the most common combustion plants like furnaces, boilers, dryers and compact burners.

PE pressure switches are certified CE, according to norms EN 1854. The intervention pressure of the pressure switches is adjustable via a manual wheel.

Ignition transformers for gas and oil burners

The TRE – TRS conventional induction transformers and TRK electronic transformers are suitable for gas and oil burner applications. These transformers are manufactured in compliance with the CE EN 61558/2/3 and EN 60730/2/5 product standards with the requirements of VDE 0570 and of the CI511 SEV, using top quality and high quality materials. The copper wire used for winding the secondary circuit is in class H 180 °C, while for the primary one it is H 200 °C.

The electrodes of the EE series are suitable both for igniting gas burners and for flame detection. The kantal material used in the construction of the metal wire or rod and the ceramic used for the insulator make the electrodes of the EE series particularly resistant for application at high temperature, torsion and vibration. Any type of electrode can be supplied with length and curvature according to the customer’s drawing and complete with support bracket made to specification.



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